Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
ANSWER: Are you using “Download” or “Insert”? With Solidworks open you should be able to “Insert” the file directly into Solidworks. If "Insert" doesn't work you may also want to try the "Download" function. Using this you can save a file to a file folder and then open it with your software from that file folder. It may be that you need to clear their temporary internet files/cookies (especially if you were able to view the application previously), or that the settings on your browser are too high/restrictive. It can also be the version of Java being used.
Possible workstation restrictions:
1- If you were not prompted to install the Web2CAD tool (security warning dialog box will display the first ti me you access information via the website application), your workstation may be running a pop-up blocker and/or it may be restricted from being able to view and download the item. Your IT Support team will be able to verify if you are restricted from having this.
2 -Your workstation may be not allow for Java applet to execute on it. Please check with your IT Support to verify. Update Java Link

ANSWER:You can send an email from an authorized address for the account to and we will respond within approx. 24 hours with your login credentials. Alternatively, you can call our customer service line and we can dispatch an email with the information right away. It must be sent to a valid company email address.

ANSWER:ThomasNet does not offer a DNS control panel within the Website Builder. In order to request a DNS change, please send an email to The email should come from an authorized user of the account.

ANSWER:The catalog is using a separate template that is not present in the Website Builder. To access and edit the catalog template, you must login to the Website Manager tool in Catalog Navigator: Please contact customer service for further details.

ANSWER:ThomasNet recommends hosting your video with an external video steaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo. Once your video has been uploaded to the 3rd party service, you will be able to obtain an HTML “embed” code which can be placed into your webpage using the “Insert HTML” function within the Website Builder.

ANSWER:We cannot control the information that is displayed on Google Maps for your address. If there are any issues with the Google Map information on your website, first compare it to If your information is incorrect there too, please visit the following link for information or contact Google directly: If is correct but your website is not - please contact us at 1-800-451-4231.

ANSWER:If you made a change in the Website Builder, but aren't seeing it on your live website, here are a few things to check:
1. When saving, you are presented with Save Page Content & Save Template. If your edits were within the green dotted lines, and you clicked on Save Template, the changes would not have been saved. The same is true if you picked Save Page Content and the edits were outside of the green guidelines.
2.Your browser could be caching an old version of the page. Usually hitting F5 on the top row of your keyboard (a few times) will force a refresh. In some cases, the caching may be deeper and you may need to clear your temporary browsing history & cookies. Please consult your browser's help documentation for more details.
3. In some cases you may have a few templates assigned to different parts of your website. For example, if you have changed your phone number in the footer, and only see the change appearing on your homepage, you probably have several templates in use. You can check this by navigating to Web Design -> Manage Templates.

ANSWER:For most standard HTML sites, yes. You can add additional pages via the File dropdown -> New Page. You will then be presented with options to choose a template and select from starter layouts.

ANSWER:Currently, Navigator is only compatible in Internet Explorer in compatibility view. Compatibility View can be enabled by going to the Tools dropdown on IE -> Compatibility View Settings -> Clicking on the 3rd check box at the bottom of the pop up.

ANSWER: Yes. ThomasNet is only hosting your domain. The domain will be registered through the registrar, but the domain is your property. If you allow your domain to lapse, another company might try to purchase it, but ThomasNet will never make an attempt to acquire your domain for its own purposes. Keep in mind that your domain is often unique to you. In order to profit from your domain, Thomas would need a client who wanted to host a website on your domain. If your domain is your company name it is really only of use to you. Even if your domain is something generic, ThomasNet is not in the habit of acquiring domains, we are not a domain reseller.

ANSWER:You don’t need to transfer your domain. If you want to continue to pay a separate fee to a domain registrar and an annual license fee to ThomasNet for hosting and access to your web tools instead of one fee each year, you are welcome to continue paying two fees. However, your license fee to ThomasNet each year covers both domain registry and hosting, so you are essentially paying for your registry twice by keeping your domain at another registrar.
Additionally, with your domain at a separate registrar, ThomasNet will not have access to make changes to your DNS settings. Without this access, you or your tech may have to make the changes to your domain, which can result in common first-time errors that can potentially bring down your website or e-mail.

ANSWER:A Registrar-Lock is a safeguard put on your domain to keep it from being moved to another domain registrar without your permission. You have to call your registrar to have the lock removed. The domain then becomes active and can be transferred with the permission of your administrative contract.

ANSWER:The administrative contact is the default contact person on your domain account with your Registrar. When an e-mail is sent to approve your domain transfer, it will be sent to the e-mail address that is listed in the administrative contact fields of your DNS report. If you cannot access that e-mail account, you will not receive the e-mail and respond to it, and your domain will not be transferred. If you need to change the e-mail address listed for your Administrative Contact you can either log into your Domain Registry interface or call your Domain Registrar and request that the e-mail address be changed to a currently accessible account.

ANSWER:An authorization code is generated by your current registrar when you request that your domain be moved to another domain registrar. The code must be entered as part of the request to move the domain to the new registry. You can obtain your authorization code from the losing registrar.

ANSWER:A DNS report is generated when someone requests information about your Domain. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. The domain name server is where your domain lives. When someone asks a domain registrar search engine like where your domain is living, they will see a report about the domain registry and the hosting, so that they can determine who to contact if they are encountering an issue with your domain. If you need help deciphering your results from BetterWhoIs, please click here.

ANSWER:If your Registrar won't unlock your domain, you have a few options: You can obtain your login from your Domain Registrar and re-point the domain to your new hosted site on Thomas's server; You can acquire a new domain through Thomas's Registrar and allow the old one to lapse, or forward the old domain to redirect to your new website.

ANSWER:The login to your FTP account is most likely the same as for the Website Builder. If you are having difficulty accessing your FTP, please contact Customer Service to verify your credentials.

ANSWER:Yes. For both the Website Builder and Catalog Navigator, login credentials are case sensitive.

ANSWER:There is a basic blog available in the Website Builder. Other popular blogs such as Word Press are available directly from ThomasNet as part of a Social Media package. Customer integration of such 3rd party blogs is not currently supported. Please contact your Sales Representative for further information.

ANSWER:This can be accomplished via the Website Builder. While logged in, click the TOOLS menu and then select META MANAGEMENT. Each of your HTML pages will be listed. Simply click the horizontal bar for the page you wish to modify and the meta tags will be revealed to edit. When complete, click “Update Page Meta.”

ANSWER:The form archive serves as a backup of any emails sent to you as a result of a form being filled out. Email delivery can never be 100% guaranteed, so we suggest you check the Form Archive at least once every few weeks to ensure no leads have been missed via email. To access the Form Archive, login to the Website Builder. Towards the top of your screen, click the TOOLS menu and then FORM ARCHIVE. You now will be able to view any past form submissions by clicking on the “view” icon.