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ThomasNet is aware of browser compatibility issues with Internet Explorer when editing in the Website Builder tools
that began with the release of the new version in February 2013. Our developers are working on these reported problems, but in the meantime we suggest using another Internet browser such as Firefox when making updates to your hosted website content.

BEFORE using the ThomasNet WebSolutions Website Builder, Skype must be disabled completely. It has come to our attention that those who have used the ThomasNet Website Builder while Skype was running on their machines, ended up with intrusive Skype 'code' embedded throughout their web pages. ThomasNet best practice guidelines dictate disabling and/or removing Skype before using the ThomasNet Website Builder. A good idea would be to make edits using a PC that does NOT have Skype loaded. Contact the ThomasNet WebSolutions Support Team if you have any questions regarding this matter.

The Catalog
Navigator Platform

  ThomasNet WebSolutions - Catalog Navigator Platform
  Internet Explorer Version 8, 9 or 10
Please Note: Your browser should be in Compatibility View.

The Website
Builder Control
Panel Tool

  ThomasNet WebSolutions - Website Builder Tool   Most Compatible: Firefox (Latest Version)
Internet Explorer (Version 8 and 9)
Google Chrome (Latest Version)
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