What is a Registrar?
A Registrar is an official keeper of records or a place where records are kept. When it comes to Domain Names, it refers to the company you purchased your domain name from or the company it was transferred to. Ultimately it refers to the company which is currently holding your Domain Name.
- Enom
- GoDaddy
- Network Solutions
- Register.com
- Tucows.com
- 1and1.com
Simply click here, enter your domain name and click the "Search" button.A new page will appear and one line will read Registrar:. This will be the registrar of record for the domain name that was entered.

This may jog your memory and you may then remember the user name and password. This user name and password may be needed in order change certain settings that will be used to reset what appears when someone types your Domain Name into an internet browser. If you do not know your user name and/or password, then you will need to contact the registrar to request it. If you still have questions relating to your Registrar and/or your Domain Name please contact the ThomasNet WebSolutions Support Team.